An Exploration of Intimacy Through Submission
Weekly Weigh-In

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Weekly Weigh-In

Per our renewed covenant, I will weigh myself every Friday morning. I am required to ensure a body fat loss every week. If I fail to lose at least body fat each week I will not be allowed an orgasm until the next weigh-in, and only then if I am at or under the new body fat target for that date. Success does not mean I will be allowed an orgasm, but it does make me eligible for one. Whether I then...

Blueprint for Success

One of our core truths is that Master and I perceive sex and kink differently. "Woah! That's a unique problem!" I hear you exclaim in sarcasm. True, most everyone experiences this, or some variant of it at some point in their relationships. But that does not make the challenges it presents for us any easier.

It’s a New Day

Freshly fucked, twice in the last 4 days thank you very much, and even more importantly, with a fresh 90-day covenant between Master and I.


While I have too many kinks to count, I'm pretty sure I have no true fetishes, but if I had one, it would be CFNM.

I SOOOO Want to Fuck

I try my best to stay away from low-brow sexual content (dont laugh, I do TRY). But I haven't been laid in about 2 months (thank you covid); needless to say, I just want to FUCK!

My Need to Submit

I wish I could explain this need I have to submit. I have the words for what I want. But what I can't answer is impetus for it.

An Exploration of Intimacy Through Submission